Paddle tennis Tournament Competition

Terms And Conditions

Please note that due the capacity limitation, players will be chosen randomly as per the Capacity of the tournament

-Men’s singles – 150
-Men’s doubles – 300 Teams (300 teams x 2 players)
-Women’s Singles – 75
-Women’s doubles – 75 Teams (75 teams x 2 players)
-Mixed doubles – 150 teams (150 teams x 2 Players)

The tournament will take place at the YFL Badminton court at Dragon Mart
The umpire’s decision in the game is final.
Failure to show up for the match as per the schedule will result in disqualification.
The Grand prize cannot be exchanged for Cash or kind.
If any discrepancies, Nakheel reserves the right to disqualify any teams without prior notice.
The schedule will be shared via email and will also be posted on the website.