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Monday January 16, 2023

Five Health Benefits of Chinese Herbs

 Five Health Benefits of Chinese Herbs

Western medicine is practised around the world, especially in Dubai. This system utilises medical treatments to treat symptoms. Eastern medicine, especially Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), uses nonconventional treatments to treat the symptoms and the person. To use TCM, a person doesn’t need to be ill. In fact, TCM is a powerful philosophy that can benefit a person’s well-being, regardless of their health.

Today, we’re going to focus on a popular subject of TCM: Chinese herbs. Although they’re commonly used in and outside the practice, there isn’t enough awareness of their effectiveness.

Let’s dive into Chinese herbs, their uses, and the top five health benefits.

What are Chinese Herbs?

As the name suggests, Chinese herbs are herbs, spices, frits, and other natural botanicals found in China and the surrounding areas (i.e.: Korea). Some popular Chinese herbs include Gogi berries, Chinese yam, Chinese and Korean ginseng, liquorice root, and dates (red, black, and honey).

Chinese Herbology & Popularity

The study of Chinese herbs is called Chinese herbology, an emerging field that seeks to tie their use to Western and modern medicine. While many specialists may choose to identify this as a part of Chinese alternative medicine, it’s slowly becoming a more popular practice due to its increasing legitimacy and positive results.

How are Chinese Herbs used in TCM?

The practice of TCM involves the medicinal and daily use of Chinese herbs to cure illnesses and improve a person’s quality of life. They can be administered through food and drink (i.e: Chinese herbal teas) or made into creams and pastes to apply topically. Chinese herbs are integrated into a person's dietary and health needs, from birth to old age and everything in between.

No matter your age, TCM can greatly benefit your well-being. Here are our top five health benefits of Chinese herbs and how they can treat a variety of ailments.

  1. Improves Digestion

Chinese herbs can assist in correcting the dysfunction of certain organs and unhealthy body patterns. Indigestion is a very common ailment that results in organ dysfunction (and even cause diseases if left untreated). Integrating Chinese herbs into teas, meals, and even topical applications can bring the body back into balance.

  1. Treats Skin Conditions

To diagnose skin conditions in TCM, specialists assess the colour, look, size, itchiness, and location of nodules, as well as other health and lifestyle symptoms. This allows them to tailor a herbal medicine formula to your specific symptoms, treating it as a whole rather than just the skin condition itself.

Although more research is needed, a study testing Chinese herbal medicine in eczema treatment found that herbal medicine is as effective as conventional medicine in dermatology. With the popularity of natural and organic skincare products, Chinese herbs can also be integrated as an ingredient into anyone’s skincare regimen.

  1. Helps Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a root cause, or at least a major symptom, of many diseases ranging from common infections and fevers to muscle cramps and even arthritis. In TCM, combining Chinese herbs and acupressure or acupuncture can reduce inflammation. 

Research suggests that Bai Shao Yao, a barkless root, has a specific extract that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Although it is not a popular Chinese herb outside of Far East Asia, its use in modern medicine shows tremendous benefits.

  1. Boosts and Supports Energy

As previously stated, Chinese herbal medicine addresses both illnesses and a person's well-being. If you suffer from low energy or fatigue, Chinese herbs will be of great benefit.

Consuming Chinese herbal teas to aid digestion and sleep can increase your energy during the daytime. In fact, it's almost more effective than most modern medicine, as treatments and concoctions in TCM only use Chinese herbs. Your body can naturally process herbs and spices more effectively than most medicines.

  1. Soothes You to Sleep

Chinese herbs can assist with insomnia and other sleeping issues such as unrestful sleep, frequent waking, and difficulty falling asleep, among others. A study on the effectiveness of Chinese natural medicine for insomnia showed positive results. Subjects reported higher total sleep duration and sleep efficiency than those who were given the placebo.

Herbs and spices are already frequently used to resolve sleep-related ailments, as such it makes sense to integrate Chinese herbs.

Where to find Chinese Herbs in the UAE?

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